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International Centers for Precision Oncology Foundation

Inauguration of the ICPO Foundation

We are very pleased to be able to celebrate the inauguration of the ICPO Foundation in conjunction with the 20th anniversary of patient treatments at the Center for Molecular Radiotherapy in Bad Berka in 2019.

Precision Oncology and especially targeted diagnostics, imaging and therapy have made enormous progress over the last decades and have finally matured to a point where especially isotope based theranostic applications are growing fast in number and global use.

Seeing the emerging need for broader international cooperation, standardization, training and implementation of specialized medical infrastructure a group of medical and scientific experts, international philantropists, patients and financial supporters have come together to found the ICPO - International Centers for Precision Oncology - Foundation in 2019.

We at the ICPO Foundation are convinced that the new era of Precision Oncology is a paradigm shift towards effective and humane cancer care and should be made available to patients worldwide.

Our Mission
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The ICPO Foundation Objectives

A Global Community in Precision Oncology


The ICPO Foundations main Objective is: to foster communication between patients, medical experts, industry and governments and to build an international community bringing Precision Oncology and Targeted Isotope Imaging and Therapy to growing numbers of patients worldwide.

ICPO Reference and Training Centers


To establish Precision Oncology Reference and Training Centers in collaboration with leading medical institutions worldwide.

The Academy for Precision Oncology


To establish an International Academy for Precision Oncology in collaboration with academic and governmental bodies to train growing numbers of required experts in such specialties as targeted isotope imaging and therapy, nursing, radiopharmacy and medical physics.

An International Network of Centers for Precision Oncology


To establish a global network of International Centers for Precision Oncology, based on Best Practice Standards, Methods and Qualifications and to foster global expansion and the communication in between the centers.

Supporting Science and Technology Development


To support science and technology development in the field of Precision Oncology. Towards the expansion of the available targeted cancer therapies and the further integration of targeted diagnostics, Imaging and Therapy.

Expansion of Global Access for Precision Oncology Patients


And most importantly to enable a growing number of patients worldwide to gain access to highly efficient theranostics in precision Oncology and to bring back quality of life to patients and their families in all manners possible.

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„Ægroti Salus Suprema Lex” −

The Benefit of the Patient is
the Highest Law.

Since its initiation in early 2019, the ICPO Foundation has already received financial and active personal support from a growing community of internationally acclaimed experts, philantropists, leading medical and industrial entities and governmental institutions around the globe.

The ICPO Foundation is very honoured to be able to celebrate its official inauguration together with the 20th anniversary of Targeted Isotope Therapy in Bad Berka and would in this context like to extend an open invitation to all participants and the emerging international community in Precision Oncology to participate, contributo to and benefit from its mission to globally expand and continously improve Best Practice and Patient Access in Precison Oncology.

The ICPO Foundation-Board of Trustees
Udo Vetter

Udo J. Vetter

Udo J. Vetter
Michael Lee-Chin

Michael Lee-Chin

Michael Lee-Chin
Richard Baum

Richard Baum

Prof. Dr. Richard P. Baum
Oliver Buck

Oliver Buck

Oliver Buck
The ICPO Foundation-Executive Management
Martin Bosch

Martin Bosch

Martin Bosch
Martin Reuter

Martin Reuter

Martin Reuter

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